Jinming Xu

Male. Chinese. Birth Date in November 24,1963. PhD. Associate Professor

    Teaching: Soil Mechanics, Advanced Geotechnique (II), In-situ Tests, Appl. Found. of MATLAB, etc.

        Published 30 articles in "Int J Rock Mech Min Sci", "Chin. J Civ. Eng.", "Chin. J Rock Mech. & Eng.", etc.

            Obtained awards 2 & 3 of China Edu. Committee, Excellent teacher awards 2 & 3.

Deputy or Participating in Scientific items of NSFC, Edu. Ministry, Shanghai, Shanghai Univ.

    Deputy or Participating in about 100 Engineering Projects of site investigations, in-situ testing, etc.

        Deputy Editor:  "Practical Course of MATLAB", "Practical Geotechnical Tests

            Co-Editor: "Drawing of Civil Engineering Using AutoCAD", "Design of Building Structures"

Member: Experts Group of Shanghai 2010 EXPO, China

    Article Examiner of: J of Geotechnique, J of Mechnics, etc.

        Tel: 021-56331972(O), 13166143882(M)

            E-mail: xjming@163.com, xjm@xujinming.com

                Website: http://www.xujinming.com

Main Experiences

2003.09-:                 MsD Supervisor of Geotech. Eng. and Struc. Eng., Dept. of Civil Eng., Shanghai Univ.

1999.12-:                 Assoc. Prof. of Geotech. Eng., Shanghai Univ.

1988.04-1999.12:   Assist., Lecturer, Assoc. Prof., Tongji Univ.

2003.11:                   PhD of Geotech. Eng., Tongji Univ.

1988.04:                   MsD of Eng. Geol., Tongji Univ.

1983.08-1985.08:   Working in Anhui 1st Hydrol. and Eng. Geol.

1983.07:                   BsD of Eng. Geol., Changchun Inst. of Geol.

Research Works

2006.01-2008.12:  Deputy, "Predicting Landslide by Characteristic Parameters of Fluid Inclusion Planes" (National Natural Science Foundation)

2007.01-2009.12:  2nd Researcher, "Meso-simulation and Testing of Strip-Reinforced Sand" (National Natural Science Foundation)

2006.03-2007.05:  3rd Researcher, "Establishment of Excellent Course of Soil Mechanics" for Shanghai Univ.

2003.09-2005.07:  Deputy, "Multi-Medium CAI of In-situ Testing" (Shanghai Univ.)

2003.01-2004.12:  Deputy, "Settlement Analysis and Control of Building in Soft Soils" (Shanghai Education Committee)

1997.07-2000.04:  Participation in "Post-settlement of Foundations in Shanghai Pearl Line",(Shanghai Science Committee)

1997.04-1998.12:  Deputy, "Variation Analysis of Problems in soil Mechanics" (Shanghai Tiedao Univ.)

1997.01-1999.12:  Participation in "Activity Study of Faults Using Fluid Inclusions",(National Natural Science Foundation)

1996.07-1997.02:  Field Deputy, "Ground Improvement by Dynamic Consolidation Method in Shanghai Pudong Airport"

1996.07-1997.02:  Field Deputy, "Surveying and Analysis of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway" (The Ministry of Railway)

1990.04-1993.05:  Deputy of "Prediction of Earthquake landslide in Shanghai" (Part of "Shanghai Earthquake Zonation")

Published Articles

01  ZHU Yao-yao, XU Jin-ming, LU Chen-da. "Analysis of Digital Parameters for Structural Cracks Using Image Technique". Concrete, Accepted

02  Jinming Xu. 2007. "Several Recognition of Innovative Teaching for Bachelor Students". J. of Shanghai Univ. (Teaching Management Edition), (4): 15-16.

03  XU Jin-ming, QIANG Pei, ZHANG Peng-fei. Texture Analysis to Photographs of Silty Clay. Rock and Soil Mechanics, Accepted. (Source of EI)

04  Jinming Xu, Bin Liu and Qiang Xie. 2008. Microscopic Heterogeneity of Fluid Inclusion Distributions in Rocks. Geotechnical Special Publication No.179, ASCE, pp:205-212. (Source of EI)

05  Pei Qiang and Jinming Xu. 2007. Forecasting landslide using elliptic umbilic catastrophe model.  In: New Frontiers in Chinese and Japanese Geotechniques, Proceedings of the 3rd Sino-Japan Geotechnical Symposium Chongqing, China, Yao YP, Akagi H, Zhang G, ed. Beijing: People's Traffic Press,  pp. 460-465.

06  Jinming Xu, Xiaobo Zhao, Bin Liu. 2007. Digital image analysis of fluid inclusions.  Int J Rock Mech Min Sci.  942-947. (SCI: 177PB, EI: 071710562743)

07  Xu Jinming  and Sun Kunlun. 2007. "Forecast of Landslide Boundary Using the Fluid Inclusion Method". China Civil Engineering Journal, 40(1): 69-73. (EI: 071510546964)

08  XU Jinming and ZHAO Xiaobo. 2007. "Determination Of Fluid Inclusion Lines Using Edge-detection Technique". Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, 27(6): 1132-1137. (EI: 072810698879)

09  XU JinMing,  LIU Bin,  SUN KunLun. 2007. "Stepwise Regression Analysis to Parameters of Fluid Inclusion Planes in Rock Slopes". Acta Petrologia Sinica. 23(9): 2059 -2062. (SCI: 238TX)

10  Liu Bin, Xu Jinming. 2007. Hydrated coefficient of clathrates and its applications in determination of aqueous inclusions with multivolatile components. ACTA PETROLOGIA SINICA. 23(1):105-112. (SCI: 158AJ)

11 Zhao XB,  Xu Jinming. 2006. Digital properties of geo-material images. In: Recent development and geo-environmental engineering in Asia, Proceeding of the 4th Asian Joint Symposium on Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering, Luan MT, Zen K, Chen GQ, Nian TK, Kasama K, ed. Dalian: Dalian Univ. of Tech. Press,  pp. 71-74.

12 Sun KL, Xu Jinming. 2006.  Simulation to test procedure of sandstones. In: Recent development and geo-environmental engineering in Asia, Proceeding of the 4th Asian Joint Symposium on Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering, Luan MT, Zen K, Chen GQ, Nian TK, Kasama K, ed. Dalian: Dalian Univ. of Tech. Press,  pp. 571-574.

13-30 Omitted

Published Books

1  Jinming Xu, Mengxi Zhang and Tao Ding. 2005. Practical Course of MATLAB, Beijing: Tsinghua Univ. Press and Beijing Jiaotong Univ. Press

2  Jinming Xu, Shaofeng Liu  and Yaoyao Zhu. 2007.  Practical In-situ Testing in Geotecnical Engineering, Beijing: China Hydraulic & Power Press and Intellectural Property Right Press

3  Buying Xie, Bing Dong and Jinming Xu. 2007. Drawing of Civil Engineering Using AutoCAD, Beijing: Tsinghua Univ. Press and Beijing Jiaotong Univ. Press

Study Fields

Predicting Landslide by Characteristic Parameters of Fluid Inclusion Planes

Digital Image Processing About Geotechnical Materials

Computation and Application of Settlement and Bearing Capacity for Pile Engineering

The Analysis and Management System for Pile Engineering

Application of Geographic Information System on Underground Works

Information Management and Real-time Control in Construction

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